First, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Lilia, I am 22 years old and I am a Psychology graduate. I am from a small country called Estonia where I have lived until I was 13, then moved over to the UK and stayed here ever since.

When I was a little girl, I used to stay up during the night and write stories. Most of them were about love since I was just a hopeless romantic. Oh, who am I kidding? I still am a hopeless romantic.

Writing has always been a secret passion of mine but due to being bilingual, I struggled with the grammar and didn’t think I was good enough to become a writer. So here I am now, many years later, creating a small corner for me to go in and share about things that I am passionate about. Mostly, these are travelling, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Please bare with me whilst I start this journey, I will get better at this but I hope that you will join this ride with me.