United Arab Emirates: Travel Blog part 1

As summer 2016 was approaching, it was time to pick our next holiday destination. We were first set on going to Spain until someone in my family very randomly suggested Dubai. The idea of going to United Arab Emirates was very exciting as it was an opportunity to explore a culture which was so different to my own. We booked the flight tickets through British Airways, booked the hotel through Booking.com, noted the date on our calendars and started the countdown.

The day finally arrived and we were on our way to the Heathrow airport. Whilst we were patiently waiting to board our plane, as we went inside of the aircraft, we noticed that there were stairs to go to the next level up inside of the actual plane! No idea how we could have missed the fact that we stepped onto a double-decker plane but our trip to Dubai already became pretty extraordinary. The flight was very pleasant and comfortable and I even started talking with some of the crew staff. One of them, who was a crew manager, offered to give me a tour of the aircraft and offered to show me the upstairs first class and business class seating areas. Being used to the pretty standard RyanAir planes, it was really something else. So thanks for the best flight ever, BA!

Anyway, as we were preparing to land into Dubai, when looking outside of the window, we could see millions of lights from the skyscrapers and the cars which didn’t seem to have an end. As we stepped out of the plane, another thing that we have noticed was the heat. The heat wasn’t just your typical 28 degrees with some occasional breeze, it was just plain humid and desert like weather. As we were driving to our hotel, we were greeted by tall buildings that seemed to surround us anywhere we went. They were all different from each other and the attention to detail was incredible when looking from one building to another whether it is the design of the skyscraper or other small details.

We have stayed in Atana hotel not far from the city centre on the main Sheikh Zayed road.We have stayed on the 14th floor during our time with large windows to show us the view of the busy city of Dubai. Although the hotel which we stayed in wasnt as lavish as the 7 star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, everything still looked luxurious, expensive and high-class. On our first day, we decided to relax by the pool and enjoy the beautiful weather.


When planning activities in Dubai, the options are unlimited. You can go to the real desert and drive in a 4×4 in the sand dunes, or go skiing inside of the shopping mall, you can ride a camel, a buggy, swim with dolphins, or you can also visit the tallest building in the world. These are the options that we have decided to go for but there are tons of other activities that you can find to do in the magical city of Dubai.


On our next day, as we wanted to go and swim in the actual sea, we took a day pass at the Palm Jumeirah Hotel which is a gorgeous 5 star hotel that also has a view of the 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab. Now, the actual hotel isn’t officially ranked as a 7 star hotel but because of the luxury it holds with the lavish interior, it had earned its 2 extra stars unofficially. This hotel is also the 4th tallest hotel in the world that also has been built on an artificial island. Only swimming next to such luxury was an experience in its own. By the way, just to mention that we visited Dubai in June when the weather was around 32 celsius degrees. As previously mentioned, there was no such thing as a breeze or way of cooling off unless going in the shade or making the use out of buckets full of ice and pouring those over you. When we went inside of the water, we actually expected to cool off from the hot sun but we were so wrong. It was literally like taking a bath. So our solution was to go to the swimming pools next to the Palm Jumeirah Hotel and enjoy the cool water with a nice refreshing drink.


Of course, if the heat of Dubai starts getting to you and you will start wishing for cooler temperature, there is an option to go indoor skiing. The indoor ski slope centre is unsurprisingly 3rd largest in the world. Not getting the idea that United Arab Emirates are competitive or anything, right? The ski centre also is full of activities if you don’t feel like skiing on a particular day, you have options to go on a bobsleigh or meet the penguins and other options.


You are provided with the clothes that you can wear, you can also rent skis and other equipment and you are good to go. It was the weirdest thing going skiing indoors with the temperature being -1 degree when if you were to go outside, the temperature quickly raised up to +35 degrees. But then, I was starting to get an idea that there is nothing impossible in Dubai.

Tune in next week for UAE: Travelblog part 2 where I will tell you more about the activities that we have done whilst we were in UAE. I am also going to be doing a separate blog post where I will be sharing my outfits that I have worn whilst I was in Dubai.

P.S. Any feedback on the post will be appreciated and welcomed. I hope you have enjoyed this post.

P.P.S. The photos have been taken either on the iPhone 6 or Nikon D5300 18-150 lens.

See you next week xo

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